Transforming state assets

Rapidly increasing populations and technology usage brings new demands and challenges.

To capitalise on Victoria’s assets, systems and infrastructure, government is identifying technology solutions in a range of areas. These include:

  • traffic management
  • energy storage
  • emergency communications
  • data usage
  • cyber security

Technologies are being tested and implemented across all sectors of the Victorian economy to achieve outcomes like:

  • transform processes
  • deliver cost savings
  • improve efficiency
  • higher productivity

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Did you know Did you know

VicTrack owns around $2.9 billion in signalling and communication infrastructure.


Projects and reforms

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan includes 4 projects and reforms under this Digital connectivity priority. These are detailed in the Digital connectivity sector plan and full edition VIP, available for download together with:

  • Government response - outlines our position and addresses 137 recommendations made by Infrastructure Victoria in its 30-year Infrastructure Strategy
  • Technical report - indicates where projects and reforms meet the plan’s four objectives

Case study

Managed motorways for the West Gate Freeway

VicRoads is investing in technology like Intelligent Transport Systems, to manage traffic flows and reduce congestion. This is part of a plan to modernise operation of Victoria’s road network.

VicRoads managed motorways expertise is recognised internationally. The organisation has supported project delivery nationally and in Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and the West Indies.

In 2014, VicRoads undertook the $25 million West Gate Freeway managed motorway project to meet future demand. The project saw upgrades to electronic freeway management, and is part of the National Managed Motorways program.

System upgrades included:

  • overhead lane use signs that adjust to suit conditions
  • closed circuit television cameras
  • upgrades of supporting telecommunication networks

Implementation of the West Gate Freeway Intelligent Transport System is helping create a smarter road network. It supports improve traffic flow management, greater reliability and higer safety.


The Victorian Infrastructure Plan identifies 2 other priorities within the Digital connectivity sector. They are:

Improving digital access across Victoria

Supporting use of digital technologies