Our pristine natural heritage supports Victorian industry and quality of life.

The Victorian Government is tackling the environmental challenges of population growth, a diversifying economy and preserving our natural heritage. Our proactive approach means investing now to protect Victoria’s natural assets for future generations.

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Victoria’s economy depends on the environment. Nature-based tourism is the lifeline of a buoyant tourism sector and our food and fibre producers, together with industries like agriculture, fishing and earth resources are all reliant on capital healthy environment. Reforming the Environmental Protection Authority to better meet our current and future environmental protection needs, underpins both our economy and way of life.

Investing in waste management education and innovation supports responsiveness and resource recovery to help preserve our environment.

By remaining climate change aware and taking meaningful steps to preserve our biodiversity, government is securing the long-term future of natural assets from which all Victorians benefit.

Sector key priorities

Protecting Victoria's biodiversity

Managing our parks

Taking action on climate change

Improving resource recovery and waste management