Protecting Victoria's biodiversity

We’re taking a modern and effective approach to protecting the state’s rich biodiversity.

Victoria’s ecosystems support our wellbeing and prosperity. Those natural environments must be valued and cared for.

The government is putting in place a long-term plan: Protecting Victoria’s Environment — Biodiversity 2037. The plan seeks to safeguard our environment for future generations. It does this through improved planning and protection across the state.

Protecting our natural capital and better managing resources, we support dependent economic activity.

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In the future In the future

Without action, the quality and extent of native vegetation in Victoria will shrink by about 4,000 habitat hectares each year.


Projects and reforms

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan includes 3 projects and reforms under this Environment priority. These are detailed in the Environment sector plan and full edition VIP, available for download together with:

  • Government response - outlines our position and addresses 137 recommendations made by Infrastructure Victoria in its 30-year Infrastructure Strategy
  • Technical report - indicates where projects and reforms meet the plan’s four objectives

Case study

Protecting Victoria’s Environment - Biodiversity 2037

Victoria leads the way in protecting native plants and animals for the enjoyment of future generations.

The Biodiversity Plan uses the latest scientific modelling to inform new approaches. Methods that aim to halt the decline of Victoria’s native plants and animal populations.

We need to take steps that improve our natural environment. So that it is healthy, valued and actively cared for. The plan will guide actions to:

  • increase the collection of data for evidence-based decision-making
  • raise awareness about the importance of the state’s natural environment
  • provide opportunities to improve Victorians’ access to nature
  • provide communities with the opportunity and tools to protect and care for the environment
  • help to create more liveable and climate-adapted communities
  • establish sustained funding for biodiversity activities.


The Victorian Infrastructure Plan identifies 3 other priorities within the Environment sector. They are:

Managing our parks

Taking action on climate change

Improving resource recovery and waste management