Enhancing public safety

When danger arises, we rely on our emergency services and the infrastructure they use to keep us safe.

Victoria is making significant investments in facility upgrades and redevelopments as well as establishing better management procedures.

These actions will help meet the demands of Victoria’s growing population on our:

  • fire services
  • emergency services
  • surf life-savers

This will ensure all Victorians feel supported in emergencies.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan -  Justice and emergency services Victorian Infrastructure Plan - Justice and emergency servicesPDF (1.68 MB) Victorian Infrastructure Plan -  Justice and emergency services Victorian Infrastructure Plan - Justice and emergency servicesDOC (956 KB)


Did you know Did you know

In 2015/16 the State Emergency Service operated 142 units and responded to 17,835 calls or rescues across Victoria.


Projects and reforms

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan includes 6 projects and reforms under this Justice and emergency services priority. These are detailed in the Justice and emergency services sector plan and full edition VIP, available for download together with:

  • Government response - outlines our position and addresses 137 recommendations made by Infrastructure Victoria in its 30-year Infrastructure Strategy
  • Technical report - indicates where projects and reforms meet the plan’s four objectives

Case study

State Emergency Services

Victoria’s State Emergency Services is a volunteer-based emergency services organisation. It responds to disasters like floods and storms.

To help Victorians in trouble, in 2015/16, SES volunteers:

  • attended 21,221 incidents
  • contributed over 234,000 hours of their time

The service is based in six regions. It has 12 permanently staffed offices and 142 units operating across Victoria. Local councils own around 89% of SES units’ facilities.

The government has committed $14.9 million plus ongoing operational costs for SES units statewide. This reforms the old model where local councils provided about 50% of funding.

The government is also investigating long-term leases for SES sites. Usually located on council-owned land. This will help secure Victorian SES units’ tenancy. And is part of the government’s investment in headquarters and facilities.


The Victorian Infrastructure Plan identifies 4 other priorities within the Justice and emergency services sector. They are:

Keeping Victorians safe

Building the corrections and youth justice facilities we need

New and improved court services

Deploying ICT innovations