Making the most of existing assets

Victoria's transport network connects people to jobs and services across the state.

To ensure the network keeps operating reliably and efficiently, Victoria must capitalise on existing transport infrastructure. To do this, the government is improving how assets are maintained and managed. We’re also:

  • deploying technology to improve efficiency
  • reforming public transport systems to increase capacity
  • upgrading arterial roads to reduce congestion

These investments will assure long-term value for money and contribute to more liveable and productive communities.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan - Transport Victorian Infrastructure Plan - TransportPDF (1.82 MB) Victorian Infrastructure Plan - Transport Victorian Infrastructure Plan - TransportDOC (1.12 MB)


Did you know Did you know

In 2016, Victoria’s railway track infrastructure spanned 830 km in metropolitan areas and around 1,747 km in regional areas.


Projects and reforms

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan includes 13 projects and reforms under this Transport priority. These are detailed in the Transport sector plan and full edition VIP, available for download together with:

  • Government response - outlines our position and addresses 137 recommendations made by Infrastructure Victoria in its 30-year Infrastructure Strategy
  • Technical report - indicates where projects and reforms meet the plan’s four objectives

Case study

Streamlining Hoddle Street

Hoddle Street-Punt Road is one of Melbourne’s busiest roads. Around 90,000 vehicles travel on this major north-south arterial every day.

To improve the movement of people and traffic along this route, the Victorian Government is investing $60.3 million to upgrade four key intersections:

  • Swan Street
  • Brunton Avenue
  • Johnston Street
  • Eastern Freeway

The upgrade includes an Intelligent Transport System to manage traffic flow and reduce congestion. An innovative intersection design will improve efficiency, reducing delays caused by right turning traffic.


The Victorian Infrastructure Plan identifies 3 other priorities within the Transport sector. They are:

Building for the future

Connecting regional Victoria

Developing smarter transport solutions