Effective management of Victoria’s water resources is integral to our wellbeing.

A secure water future relies on balancing our ecosystems with the needs of communities, industries and agriculture. The Victorian Government is taking a comprehensive approach, where all aspects of water management, investment and reform are shaping future water policy.

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Substantial investment in the Water for Victoria plan is a first step towards securing safe and affordable water supplies for all Victorians. Better water management is central to address a complex set of issues, including declining availability, growing population and climate change.

Putting the right plan into place will optimise our water use. Complementary investment in modernising Victoria’s water grid and updating ageing infrastructure will achieve more with less at the system level and deliver water where it’s needed most. Initiatives like harvesting and stormwater treatment offer broad community benefits by protecting environments and building resilience as our climate changes.

Sector key priorities

Extending and using water grid better

Building resilience to climate change

Improving the health of waterways and catchments