Four objectives

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan details projects and reforms that respond to four overarching objectives.

The Technical Report provides this added context. It indicates where each of the project priorities meets the plan objectives.

The objectives addressed by projects and reforms detailed in the nine key sectors are:

Economic: create a job generating and inclusive economy

Ways in which government investment can support higher productivity in a changing, more globalised economy. This includes promoting regional innovation, future focused human capital development and creating the networks that make Victoria an good place to do business.

Environment: provide a sustainable environment

How managing infrastructure investment and growth mitigates environmental risk, protects natural heritage and maintains liveability. This includes leading with innovative practice and/or green technologies, waste management education, production and consumption sustainability.

Social: thriving and resilient communities

A program of investment to strengthen Victoria and grow our communities into fairer and more inclusive places to live. This includes reducing disadvantage through jobs, housing and access to quality healthcare and government services to support culturally rich lifestyle choices.

Innovation: establish an innovative and highly adaptable Victoria

Investing to build our resilience and responsiveness to change while enhancing the opportunity and quality of life Victorians enjoy. This includes statewide connections to encourage creative thinking, better information access and planning for predicted or unseen change.

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