Getting on with the job

Victoria faces complex challenges that demand strong leadership and a long-term outlook. We must make informed decisions on the best available evidence. We must also carefully weigh the benefits and the costs, manage the disruption of new projects and make sure that all Victorians benefit.

Victoria is Australia’s fastest growing state and we have growing infrastructure needs to match. There is no time to waste in getting on with building the roads, railways, schools, hospitals, housing and other critical infrastructure that is needed. After a period of under-investment, the Victorian Government has committed to the most significant pipeline of infrastructure in Victoria’s history. This pipeline will address current and future needs, while also providing certainty and confidence for our engineering, construction and manufacturing sectors involved in building new infrastructure.

Making decisions on the planning, funding and building of major infrastructure projects is a complex and challenging process. The final decisions have ramifications for end users, project partners, local communities and for all Victorian taxpayers. The Victorian Government always seeks to get the balance right between getting on with the job, getting it done within budget and making sure that stakeholders get heard.

Building new infrastructure creates unavoidable disruption for local residents, businesses and for road and rail users. There is no hiding from the fact that, at times, people will be inconvenienced. Every effort is made to limit disruption and to reduce the impacts. Ultimately, major infrastructure projects create benefits that last for decades, and that’s what makes the pain of doing them worthwhile.

With such a large pipeline of infrastructure projects, it’s important that investment dollars and the project benefits flow through the Victorian economy to the greatest extent possible. Victorian Government procurement processes seek to maximise local content requirements so that Victorian businesses increase their order books and create new local jobs. The new Victorian Jobs Partnership between government, industry, unions and education providers will look at ways to put Victoria’s infrastructure spending to good use in achieving a range of different policy aims. These policy aims include things like: encouraging more women into construction and engineering roles, creating more apprenticeship, traineeship and cadet opportunities for young people, and giving disadvantaged Victorians a hand. The Victorian Jobs Partnership will usher in the next wave of industry policy reforms and our infrastructure spending and decisions will play a big role in this.

The next part of this document articulates the priorities and future directions in each of the nine sectors identified in this plan.