Monash Children's Hospital telesurgery project

This Victorian-first technology will bring specialist care in Melbourne closer to home for families in Gippsland. That means better health outcomes for our most vulnerable kids and more young lives saved.

Doctors treating the sickest children in Gippsland now have a direct video link to world leading experts in paediatric care via telehealth technology at the new Monash Children’s Hospital.

The project has established a direct and live video link from Monash Children’s to regional operating theatres and emergency departments at Latrobe Regional Hospital, Central Gippsland Health Service and Bairnsdale Regional Health Service. This means Gippsland doctors are able to quickly and securely get the very best advice and support from Monash’s top paediatric surgeons, when they need to support better decision-making. This frees up ambulances by reducing avoidable patient transfers to Melbourne and reducing travel time and costs for families.

Gippsland doctors will also use the technology for professional development as they will be able to view operations at Monash Children’s in real time and join face-to-face seminars, helping to attract and retain skilled doctors in Gippsland.

The project will be delivered from the new Monash Children’s Surgical Telehealth Centre, which is located with the hospital’s surgical simulation centre and operating suites.