Metro Tunnel

The Metro Tunnel will free up space in the City Loop to run more trains, more often across Melbourne. It will change Melbourne forever with a world class design that will see new open space, terraced seating and sweeping arches.

Major work is underway on the $11 billion Metro Tunnel, which is Australia's biggest public transport project. Metro Tunnel will boost our rail network’s peak capacity by 39,000 in each two hour peak period, from its first day of operation.

Daily passenger use of City Loop stations is expected to rise from 580,000 in 2011 to 1.1 million by 2031. Taking some of Melbourne's busiest train lines through a new tunnel under the city will free up space in our City Loop so that more trains can run into and out of the city. This will bring major improvements in Melbourne’s rail network efficiency and reliability, especially for the train lines serving Melbourne’s growth areas in the north, west and south-east. The project is a once in a generation change that will enhance Melbourne’s status as a highly liveable and well connected city.

The two 9 kilometre rail tunnels built under Melbourne will strengthen connectivity across the city, and accommodate five new underground stations at CBD North, CBD South, Arden, Parkville and Domain. The new stations will feature international-style passenger safety screen doors and will give heavy rail access to a new catchment of 200,000 workers, students and residents. Platform length is designed to service the 20% larger High Capacity Metro Trains that will go into service on the new Sunbury to Cranbourne/Pakenham line being created by the Metro Tunnel project. The Victorian Government is currently procuring 65 of these new trains, which carry 75% more passengers than current models.

The Metro Tunnel project will create nearly 7,000 jobs for Victorians, including 500 apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets working as part of the tunnels and stations package.

The project includes procurement of around $1 billion worth of signalling and communications systems, to be installed on the corridor. This will allow the High Capacity Metro Trains to operate safely, efficiently, and to deliver much needed capacity and frequency improvements. A world-leading Centre of Excellence will be established in Victoria, supporting local skills development and jobs creation in the rapidly evolving rail signalling and communications industries.

Overall, the Metro Tunnel is expected to benefit all Victorians by making it easier to move in and around the city and enhancing access to jobs, education, health and culture around the metro area.