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Interstate applications for Victorian Working with Children Checks

If you’re located in a state or territory other than Victoria, you’ll need to complete an interstate application.

Moving to Victoria?

If you’re moving to Victoria and will require a Check, you might prefer to wait until you’ve moved, as the process of applying from within the state is easier and cheaper.

However, if you would still like to apply for a Check before you’ve moved, you can do so by completing a different application process. The steps required are outlined below.

Please note that you can only lodge an application from within Australia; applications from overseas will not be accepted.

1. Complete online interstate Check application

Begin interstate Check application

Once you complete your application, print your application summary.

You will need to mail in your complete application, once you have completed the remaining steps.

2. Prepare your proof of identity documents

You must provide three identity documents that, when combined, verify your full name, date of birth and photo.

Acceptable combinations are:

  • one primary document and two secondary documents
  • two primary documents and one secondary document, or
  • three primary documents.

You cannot use two of the same type of credential to make up the three documents (for example, two different credit cards).

With the exception of foreign passports, all proof of identity documentation must be Australian issued.

For the full list of acceptable documents, refer to the Proof of identity documents list.

Photocopy your documents and take them, with the originals, to a certifying officer (for example, a Justice of the Peace) to be certified.

For information about certifying officers who can witness statutory declarations in your state or territory, please consult your Justice department.

3. Supply photos

You must provide two passport-size photos that meet the requirements specified below. One photo must be certified on the back by the certifying officer stating the photo is a true likeness of you. You need to:

  • face the camera with your head straight, not tilted
  • only show your head and shoulders
  • have your eyes open
  • have a neutral expression on your face
  • be in front of a plain, light-coloured background.

You can wear:

  • glasses if you normally wear them
  • apparel covering your hair if you do so for religious or medical reasons.

Photo specifications:

  • colour
  • 45-50mm high
  • 35-40mm wide
  • face measuring 32-36mm from bottom of chin to top of head
  • sharp focus
  • strong contrast between face and background
  • well lit with no shadows
  • printed on high-quality photo paper, at high resolution
  • less than 12 months old

If you require further assistance, follow these requirements to take an acceptable photo.

4. Have your documents certified

  • Ask the certifying officer to:
    • Certify the copies of your proof of identity documents.
    • Each document must be certified separately and clearly show:
    • the words “certified and true copy of the original”
    • the signature of the certifying officer; and
    • the name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer, legibly printed below the signature. It must be possible from the details provided to contact the certifying officer if necessary.
  • Certify one of the passport-size photos, stating, “This is a true photograph of ”.
  • Complete the ‘Certifying officer’s declaration’ section at the bottom of your application summary page.

5. Arrange payment if applying for an Employee Check

The fee until 30th June 2023 for an Employee Check is $123.20. From 1 July 2023 it will be $128.20.

The fee can be paid by credit card, bank cheque or money order made payable to ‘The Department of Justice and Community Safety’. Volunteer checks are free.

Please note it is unlawful to use a Volunteer card for paid employment.

6. Review

Before sending all your documents to us for processing:

  • For your records, make a note of the application number that appears on the top right-hand corner of your application summary. You will need this to check the status of your application at Check status.
  • Ensure you have included:
    • your application summary, with the certifying officer’s declaration section completed and a photo attached
    • certified copies of your identification documents
    • two passport-size photos (one certified on the back by the certifying officer and one attached to your application summary page)
    • a payment form if paying by credit card, or a bank cheque or money order for $123.20, if you are applying for an Employee Check. Volunteer Checks are free.

7. Mail your application

When you are satisfied that all of the above is complete, mail the documents, together with the application fee if you are applying for an Employee Check, to:

Working with Children Check Victoria
Department of Justice and Community Safety
GPO Box 1915

Once we receive your application and confirm that it is compliant, we will email you the receipt.

Reviewed 30 May 2023