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An introduction to Google Analytics

Learn about Google Analytics tracking and metrics.

How to set up Google Analytics for your website

When an SDP website is created, a Google Analytics property is created by the DDI Analytics Team.

Universal Analytics is deployed with Google Tag Manager using the WoVG base GTM container.

What is being tracked through Google Analytics?

Custom Google Analytics event tracking has been set up through Google Tag Manager. Interactions with SDP components including navigation, content, video and forms are being recorded.

The Google Analytics event taxonomy guide (download link below) highlights the range of SDP components that are being tracked and the naming conventions of these interactions in Google Analytics. The Event Category, Event Action and Event Label fields are documented in the guide.

To view event tracking reports in Google Analytics, access the Events report under Behaviour:

Google Analytics training Event Tracking

How can I track something on the site that isn't currently being tracked?

SDP websites are tracked extensively and most interactions are being tracked by the WoVG base GTM Container.

To track a custom site component, a ticket can be raised in the Google Marketing Platform boardExternal Link . Include details of your GTM container ID and the tracking issue.

Should I use UTM parameters and how can I use them?

UTM parameters are tags that are added to a URL which tell Google Analytics where web traffic is coming from. The UTM parameters used – source, medium, campaign name, term (AdWords and display advertising) and content – provide you with data on how web traffic is getting to the site.

Adding UTM parameters to URLs used in campaigns can provide you with information about the effectiveness of those campaigns.

To create a campaign URL, the WoVG campaign URL generator can be used by entering the values for each of the UTM parameters.

How to access an SDP Google Analytics property

For access to Google Analytics, a Google account must be created using your email address.

Go to Create your Google accountExternal Link , enter your email address and create a new secure password. Do not use your email password.

Once your account has been created, create a ticket in the Google Marketing Platform boardExternal Link and we will give that account Google Analytics access. Please provide details of your work email address and the site you want access to.

Sign up for the Google Analytics 360 government contract.

Training resources

Google Analytics for BeginnersExternal Link

Reviewed 19 June 2022

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