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You can add the Latest events component to pages across the website to feature the latest 6 events.

Latest events promotion features are only for curating a series of unique events. It means you must be responsible for updating the events as each event passes.

We strongly recommend you automate the latest 6 events by using the Card event automated feature. We are working on features to allow you to display the latest 6 events by topic and tag as well so events are tailored to your audience.

Rules for campaign blocks

  • Primary campaigns are only to be used on landing pages.
  • The Site-section navigation must be switched off for the cards to appear within the correct format.

Add the Latest events component

Once you've created an Event content page, you can feature up to 6 events across pages on your website.

Select the page that you'd like to feature the latest events:

  1. Click on Body Content
  2. Select Latest Events from the Component type lists
  3. Here you'll see fields for Title, Description, Feature Image, CTA URL and CTA Link text
  4. Complete all mandatory fields if you'd like the sixth featured Card-event to be a Card-Call to Action. For example, calling for users to submit their own community event.
Latest events fields including Title, Description, Feature image, CTA URL and CTA Link text

For the latest 6 events by default to appear, you'll need to Remove the Call to Action.

  1. Select Remove
  2. Then select Confirm Removal
Latest events component without Call to Action

Once you have completed the fields for the Latest Events component, the page will appear as below:

Listing of 6 events as part of the Latest events component

Reviewed 25 January 2019

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