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Latrobe Valley Energy and Growth Program Stage 2 (LVEGP-2)

$1 - $1,980,000
Not-for-profit groups, businesses

LVEGP-2 will provide $1.98 million in funds to capitalise on the Valley’s extensive renewable energy resource potential, skilled workforce and proud history of energy and engineering as we transition to a sustainable energy future.

The LVEGP-2 will help projects at various stages of development, from research and feasibility studies, through to implementation ready projects. This new fund will spur the development of innovative renewable energy projects and help create renewable energy jobs in the Latrobe Valley.

Victoria is embracing the transition to renewable energy. The LVEGP-2 ensures the Latrobe Valley and its communities will enjoy the social, environmental and economic benefits a clean and modern energy system will bring.

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Reviewed 20 September 2021

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