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The Learner Engagement A-frame Program (LEAP) is designed to:

  • improve learner engagement with the Adult, Community and Further Education Board funded pre-accredited training
  • provide flexible pathways to further education, training and employment

A LEAP is a shorter course for learners who may find a longer program a barrier to participation.

Programs are a minimum of 5 Student Contact Hours (SCH) and no more than 19 SCH. Proposed courses which are 15 SCH or longer will be assessed as exceptions and require a clear rationale for the course length, aligned to the LEAP objectives.

The LEAP objectives are to:

  • provide engagement activities for learners facing barriers to training, linked to pathways to further education, training and/or employment
  • strengthen pathway outcomes for learners by building the skills and capabilities necessary to participate in pre-accredited programs, further education and training and/or employment
  • increase flexibility for registered Learn Local providers to facilitate improved engagement into training programs for adults who face barriers to participation

LEAP Guidelines

2022 LEAP Guidelines and Delivery Plan Template:

2021 LEAP Guidelines and Delivery Plan Template:

Reviewed 13 September 2021

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