Story: Muriel says self-determination gives hope to end family violence for Aboriginal people

Working and living with Aboriginal children and families in our community I have seen first-hand the way violence affects our people.

On top of the sheer physical impacts the effects are insidious on the individuals affected and those around them in so many ways and across many generations.

Last year, we made a video with the help of a young couple who decided that enough was enough. They didn’t want their children to be born into an environment of violence and fear and went public asking all of our community to stand up against violence.

I cannot tell you how proud this made me feel. 

In 2016, the Royal Commission into Family Violence released their final report and the Andrew’s Government and the Leader of the Opposition announced they would support all its recommendations. More importantly in Victoria, the voices against violence and for change are being heard loud and clear, and there is a positive environment for change. For Aboriginal people, the government’s commitment to a policy of supporting our right to self-determination gives us hope and expectation for change.

I am part of this change and the reform agenda and this too makes me proud. I can see that change on this scale with the level of commitment across the board will make a difference to us all including the young couple who had the courage to speak out and say, ‘enough is enough.’

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Reviewed 02 August 2019

Family violence reform

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