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You can find what you need on by searching or browsing.


The website uses Google Site Search to search Victorian Government websites. The large blue search box is prominent throughout the site.
Search box

To search, type any word or phrase in the Search box and click the "Search" button or just press Enter.

The search results page will display your results by category in order of relevance. Categories include Links, Contacts & Services Directory; Events Calendar; Bookshop; and Ask a question. Each category will display the three most relevant results. Click on "View all XXXXX results>>" to view the full set of results for the category selected. Once you view all search results, you have the choice of refining your search result by clicking on the topic on the left-hand side.

Every search result links to an external website. Hover over the relevant result and click on the image (if available), title or > symbol to visit the external website.

You can find out more about Search by reading our Search Tips.



There are two methods to browse the website:


1. Via the footer - click on the links under the headings - Victorian Government, For Victorians, or Connect with Us. VicGovAu footer

2. The Browse page lets you browse via topics.

Browse page on

The Browse page lists 12 main topics. Each topic displays the first four second level topics. Click on the "View all" link to view all second level topics. The number in the bracket next to "View all" indicates the number of second level topics. For example, click on "View all" under Environment & Water.

Browse Level 1 on

The Environment & Water page is displayed listing all second level topics. Click on a second level topic, such as 'Recycling & waste'.

Browse Level 2 page on

You will see a list of third level topics and some quick links to highly relevant websites or common searches in that area. It is also possible to navigate the website using the keyboard. The tab key can be used to move progressively through links on each page. The first two links on each page are invisible and appear when the tab key is used. The first link is a "Skip to navigation" link that takes you to the Topic Menu. The second link is a "Skip to content" link that takes you to the page content.

Click on a third level topic (for example, Litter) and you will see a list of links in alphabetical order, ten per page. Each website has a linked title and a brief description.

Browse results on


Click on any of the titles displayed in the browse result and that web page will open in the same browser window.

You always know where you are on - check the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen to navigate your way throughout the site.

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