The workforce's NDIS experience: longitudinal research

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Understanding the workforce's NDIS experience: longitudinal research

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) represents a significant change to the way disability services are funded and delivered.

The disability workforce plays a crucial role in delivering quality services to people with disability, and it is important that workers in the field are capable, informed and well-supported through the transition to the NDIS and beyond.

While some of the effects the NDIS will have on the disability workforce can be predicted, such as a growth in demand for workers, many are not yet known and will take time to emerge.

To understand how the needs of workers in the Victorian disability sector are changing as the NDIS rolls out the Victorian Government, in partnership with the Health and community Services Union, is conducting a survey of the workforce once a year for three years commencing in 2018.

The project is a key component of Keeping our sector strong: Victoria’s workforce plan for the NDIS, a whole-of-government approach to workforce and skills development for the NDIS in Victoria. The plan is supported by a $26 million investment across a range of workforce development and training and skills initiatives.

To conduct the project, we partnered with IPSOS Public Affairs, an experienced social research company.

Through the survey we will collect information relating to demographics and occupational data, training and qualifications, working conditions, perceptions of the NDIS, and how people feel about their work.

The results from each survey will help inform effective policy responses to ensure the NDIS delivers better outcomes for the workforce as well as participants. Hearing from the workforce directly and at regular intervals will ensure that positive action can be taken to benefit the workforce as opportunities arise, rather than waiting until the NDIS has been fully rolled out.