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Registration and accreditation scheme for Victoria's disability workforce

In November 2016, as part of a “zero tolerance” approach to the abuse of people with disability, the Victorian Government announced it would establish an independent, legislated registration and accreditation scheme for Victoria’s disability workforce. The scheme aims to:

  • protect the rights of people with disability to be safe and receive high quality services
  • enhance service quality by ensuring workers have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications
  • enable people with disability to exercise greater choice and control in their lives.

Informed by extensive public consultation in 2017, the Government has identified key features of the proposed scheme.

Subject to passage through Parliament, the scheme will set up an independent regulator with the powers to:

  • set and monitor minimum registration standards to use protected titles
  • establish a publicly accessible web-based, up to date register of registered disability workers
  • receive and investigate complaints about disability workers
  • accredit qualifications as meeting registration requirements
  • place conditions on workers’ registration
  • limit or ban workers from practising if they breach codes of practice.

Your feedback influenced the scheme design

You told us that more needs to be done to prevent abuse and neglect, and minimum safeguards are required for all Victorian disability services.

There will be a number of minimum standards that workers will have to meet in order to register, and maintain, annual registration.

The regulator will have the power to investigate serious misconduct and if necessary, ban workers (both registered and non-registered) from working in the disability sector in Victoria.

You told us that people with disability need to choose the right workers for them.

Under the proposed scheme, specific titles will be legally reserved, providing peace of mind that workers using these titles have met certain requirements and are subject to ongoing monitoring.

People with disability will be able to choose either a registered worker or an unregistered worker. If choosing a registered worker, a publicly available list will provide information about that worker.

You told us that the scheme needs to minimise the administrative burden on both workers and providers.

Employing registered workers will reduce administrative burden and recruitment costs for providers as a number of pre-employment checks will already be completed. It is intended that the process to obtain these checks will be streamlined for workers.

For existing disability workers with extensive experience but no formal qualifications, the regulator can consider this experience as meeting registration requirements without workers needing to gain additional qualifications.

You told us that existing disability qualifications do not meet the needs of the sector.

The regulator will have the power to assess courses to make sure their graduates are well equipped to meet the registration requirements and deliver high quality disability services.

The regulator will work with people with disability, the education and training sector, providers, and workers and their representatives to ensure qualifications are fit-for-purpose.

You told us that the scheme needs to complement the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework (QSF).

The scheme will complement the safeguards to be available under the QSF, including having the power to ban workers from providing disability services in Victoria funded through any other scheme.

What’s next

The Government is now developing the legislation for consideration by Parliament later this year.

Once established, the regulator will undertake significant consultation to develop registration standards that meet the needs of the sector. We expect this consultation to take place over 12 to 24 months, after which the scheme will start.

Find out more

Read our fact sheet about the registration and accreditation scheme.NDIS registration and accreditation fact sheet Fact sheet - Registration and accreditationPDF (312 KB)Fact sheet - Rebalancing the off the plan stamp duty concession Fact sheet - Registration and accreditationDOC (37 KB)Registration and accreditation fact sheet Plain English Fact sheet - Registration and accreditation - Plain EnglishPDF (218.17 KB) Registration_and_accreditation_fact_sheet_-_Plain_English.DOCX Fact sheet - Registration and accreditation - Plain EnglishDOC (32.38 KB) Registration_and_accreditation_fact_sheet_-_Easy_English.PDF Fact sheet - Registration and accreditation - Easy EnglishPDF (833.02 KB) View the 2017 consultation materials on our Engage Victoria page.

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