Person in wheelchair

Registration and accreditation scheme for Victoria's disability workforce

The Victorian Government recently sought community views on the key features of an independent legislated registration and accreditation scheme for Victoria’s disability workforce. A consultation paper was released for a five week period from Friday 22 September 2017.

The scheme will aim to protect the rights of people to be safe from harm and support the development and growth of a quality disability workforce, by ensuring workers who care for people with disability have the right skills, experience and qualifications.

Purpose of the Consultation Process

The Victorian Government understands that quality of services and safety for both people with disability and staff are paramount. The scheme forms part of the Government’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach to abuse of people with disability, and will complement the new national Quality and Safeguarding Framework.

The Government wants your feedback on the key features of the Victorian registration and accreditation scheme and how it should operate. This includes:

  • who the scheme should apply to
  • how the scheme could be applied
  • what the functions of the scheme should be
  • how costs may impact the value of the scheme
  • operational features
  • implementation considerations

Facilitated consultation sessions were also held throughout the State, providing both metropolitan and regional Victorians with an opportunity to have their say. The Government obtained feedback from a range of people across the sector, including people with disability, carers, families, advocates, workers, service providers, representative bodies and affected Commonwealth and Victorian Government agencies.

What’s next?

Input from this consultation process will directly inform the design of feasible options for the Victorian scheme.

If you would like to be informed of consultation outcomes, please email your contact details to: