Roy Davie

The change in my life has been huge, especially in the last eight months since I’ve stopped all personal care. I’m now 100 per cent independent. That was one of my goals with the NDIS.

Roy Davie lives with quadriplegia, however his disability hasn’t deterred him from achieving his goals. Recent funding from the NDIS is helping him live an independent and mobile life.

Roy uses a wheelchair and had up to 5 hours a day of personal care, such as assistance with showering and preparing meals before he joined the scheme. He joined the Barwon trial of the NDIS almost 3 years ago. Although Roy’s moved from the region, he still retains funding and has recently stopped all personal care.

When Roy started with the trial, his NDIS assessment was used to consider if he could drive again. As a result, the NDIS funded driving lessons and a small vehicle modification, which has given back his mobility. He now drives his own car.

'When I went for my initial planning interview, the case planner asked me whether I drove and I said no, then he asked why not? Driving was something I thought wasn’t possible and I assumed it would be a very expensive exercise,' said Roy.

'The first time I got in the car with a driving instructor I almost ended up on the other side of the road but now I’m able to drive with a spinner knob modification on the steering wheel. As a family, we can go on holidays and not worry about personal support. It’s amazing to be able to drive again.'

Last year Roy built a house with his partner in outer Melbourne. The NDIS worked with Roy to fund house modifications including wider doorways, an open shower in the bathroom and a lower kitchen bench. Roy was the first in Australia to receive this service from the NDIS.

The old system required individuals with wheelchairs to build their house first and then the DHHS would fund the renovations according to the individual’s needs.

'It was incredible to receive funding towards a new house. We were able to afford the exact place we wanted. The NDIS services have gone above and beyond and I never expected to receive so much support to help me become independent,' said Roy.

'The change in my life has been huge, especially in the last 8 months since I’ve stopped all personal care. With the new house modifications and car, I’m now 100 per cent independent. That was one of my goals with the NDIS.'

'Needless to say it’s been a complete change from the old system. I now have more control and input into the services I receive and that’s the best thing about the NDIS.'

Roy has successfully retained a mainstream cricket coaching role and has now started working part time with the Collingwood Football Club Foundation at Victoria Park. Roy has other goals with the NDIS in the future and is eager to participate in recreational sport and get back to the gym.