News article guidelines - Vic Gov digital guide

Instructions and rules for creating news articles.

Headline news on the website

Priority is given to announcements that impact the majority of Victorians and can cover:

  • new legislation or policy
  • new government bodies or strategies
  • assistance that saves people money or provides support
  • seasonal or major events/campaigns.

Where a media release fits the guidelines above, the news will be published automatically without quotes and using 'Victorian Government' instead of 'the Andrews Labor Government'.

Published news

  • News is available on the homepage for 1 week.
  • A maximum of 1 news items can be added per day.

Minimum requirements

  • News items must be received from departments and/or agencies.
  • Media releases will be republished as news items.
  • A quality photo that meets editorial standards must be provided. Landscape format is preferred.
  • A link for further information must be provided.

News can be promoted on homepages using the News and events card carousel feature.

Emergency alert warnings

Use emergency alerts for information that is dangerous or life-threatening - ie if there could be a risk of death or injury if someone doesn’t read it.

Published warnings

Alerts will appear across all pages and sites, towards the top of the page. One warning box is allowed to be published at any one time.

The alert content must:

  • highlight key message/s with a link to more information
  • use terms like ‘warning’ to align with emergency response language

Select red within the Drupal Content Management System to highlight an extreme warning.

Caretaker period and news

For election periods or following a change of government only.

As the Victorian state election will be held on Saturday 24 November the Victorian Government enters a caretaker role from Tuesday 30 October.

During the caretaker period, content will only be added to this website or digital channel in accordance with caretaker conventions.

The Caretaker message will appear across all pages and sites, at the top of pages. This will happen automatically for all SDP websites.

Campaign news

This can be used for whole of government campaigns with an element of community safety or education. For example, Protect yourself this asthma season.

You can cross promote these news types on related sections/websites.


  • key message/s with a link to more information
  • graphics

Create a campaign block

You have the option to use a full Promotional campaign page for major campaigns with advertising.

The news guidelines can be waived at the discretion of the Strategic Communications Executive Director.

Reviewed 15 March 2019

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