Have your say on the future of vic.gov.au websites

10 July 2018
Have your say on the future of vic.gov.au websites

We are working to deliver a new and improved vic.gov.au, to make Victorian Government information easier to find, understand and use.

So that we can test changes to the way we deliver this information online, we have released a test version of the website,  alpha.vic.gov.au

What is alpha.vic.gov.au?

Alpha.vic.gov.au is a prototype that we’re live testing for the next few months. It reimagines what vic.gov.au could be and uses a design approach that keeps citizens at the front and centre, and incorporates extensive research that was done with users to understand their needs. The Alpha site will help us validate the usability and accessibility decisions that have informed our designs.

How to give feedback

First, head on over to the alpha site  —  alpha.vic.gov.au

On each page you can  give us feedback on how helpful the content was, and there’s a survey about your experience using the site. Please take a few minutes to tell us what worked for you and what you think can be improved.

Alpha is expected run throughout July and into August. During this time we will gather, rank and act on what users are telling us about their experiences.

Once we’ve done that, we’ll move into the next phase and release an updated beta version of vic.gov.au. We’ll keep gathering feedback and making improvements to the site as we move more and more content over to this version of the site.

Later in 2018 we’ll shut down the existing version of vic.gov.au and keep working on improving the new vic.gov.au.

We’re really interested in what you think, so please head on over to  alpha.vic.gov.au and let us know.

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