No Jab, No Play

04 January 2017
No Jab, No Play

The Victorian Government has launched a new campaign to reinforce how immunisation saves lives and keeps children safe from deadly diseases.

Acting Premier James Merlino today joined Minister for Health Jill Hennessy, in the City of Port Phillip, to launch the campaign and remind parents to ensure their children are fully immunised before heading back to childcare and school after the holiday season.

The Victorian Government’s tough new No Jab, No Play law requires all Victorian children to have a record of immunisation to be enrolled in childcare and kindergarten, unless they have a medical reason.

Currently, 93.5% of Victorian children under five are fully immunised, however in many parts of the state immunisation rates are still far too low, with some suburbs falling below 90%.

More needs to be done to increase coverage and reach the 95% ‘herd immunity’ required to halt the spread of dangerous and virulent diseases such as measles.

Despite scientific evidence proving they are safe and effective, and have saved millions of lives, around 25% of people still have concerns about vaccines.

From 15 January, a new campaign promoting the benefits of immunisation and the No Jab No Play laws by telling real-life stories will hit TV screens, radio, cinemas, online and social media.

It also encourages parents to keep immunisations up-to-date, with the Government’s VaxOnTime app available for download to help busy parents keep track of when their child’s vaccinations are due.

The campaign aims to motivate parents concerned about vaccines to find out more from reputable sources and learn about the importance of immunisation.

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