Reportable Conduct Scheme

23 February 2017
Reportable Conduct Scheme
New legislation has passed Victoria’s Parliament today, introducing a Reportable Conduct Scheme to better protect children from harm.

The scheme requires certain organisations providing services to children to report centrally on any abuse allegations, ensuring individuals who pose a risk to children can be excluded from working with children, even if they don’t have a criminal record.

The Commission for Children and Young People will oversee the scheme and monitor how organisations are responding to allegations of child abuse and misconduct.

The Commission will then report back to the Government and share information with the Working with Children Check Unit to improve child safety.

There will be a phased implementation of the scheme with schools and government services needing to comply from 1 July 2017, other institutions providing services to children by January 2018 and public institutions children visit by 1 January 2019.

The Reportable Conduct Scheme is designed to work in conjunction with the Child Safe Standards and other existing child safety measures to help organisations reduce the risks of and respond to allegations of child abuse or child-related misconduct.

The scheme will maintain the primacy of an investigation by Victoria Police of any allegations of criminal misconduct and will require allegations of suspected criminal conduct to be reported to Victoria Police as a priority.

The introduction of a Reportable Conduct Scheme is in response to the findings of the bipartisan Betrayal of Trust inquiry. The government has already responded to the majority of the report’s recommendations.

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