Services Victoria

03 June 2014
Services Victoria

The website has just released a new section called Services Victoria. This section provides an extensive list of online government services from across the Victorian State Government - from renewing your driver's licence to booking a camping site.

The criteria for inclusion in this section is that it must be a “doing thing” that is action oriented.

Each online service listing contains an abstract describing each service. This is assigned against an action category which also lists a sub-total of the number of services included within it.

Currently we have:

  • Apply or Pay
  • Book
  • Change or Check
  • Claim
  • Complain
  • Register
  • Renew
  • Report

By selecting one of these categories, you can narrow your display results to a specific subset.

The default listing for Victorian Government departments and agency services is alphabetical. You can filter by Action category, Subject category or Department/Agency. The home page for this new section also displays the three most recently added items.

You can also search within the Services Victoria section to find specific Victorian Government services.

Listing additional government services within this section will continue as new services are brought online. If you discover relevant services are missing from here, please let us know; we welcome your feedback.

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