VicEmergency app

19 September 2016
VicEmergency app

Flood warnings and shark sightings will be available on a new app that will replace FireReady this summer.

The VicEmergency app will provide another channel to access warnings and incidents for fires, floods, storms, earthquake, tsunamis and water safety.

Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the new VicEmergency app would align with the VicEmergency website to provide timely information about all emergencies.

"With extensive rain and flooding across the state, it's timely for us to announce that we will be expanding the capabilities of FireReady to include all types of emergencies," he said.

"The VicEmergency app is in line with our all communities, all emergencies approach. From November the app will provide the community with warnings and incident notifications that are tailored to individual locations and watch zones."

The VicEmergency app brings together emergency information and warnings from agencies including:

PwC Australia has been engaged to build the VicEmergency app. For existing FireReady users, the new app will be available in November to Apple and Android customers as an update. New users will also be able to download VicEmergency from the App Store or Google Play.

Mr Lapsley said the FireReady app has been a great success and has supported the community well, with it being downloaded more than 1.2 million times and sending over 2.5 billion notifications.

"FireReady was most recently used to successfully provide emergency information and warnings to the community about the Wye River Christmas Day fire. It helped them make the decision to evacuate and leave and although that fire was damaging there was no loss of life or serious injury," he said.

"FireReady has served Victorians well for six years, now it’s time to build on its success and upgrade the app so it can provide timely and tailored information about all emergencies."

The VicEmergency app will be available in November, in time for the summer season.

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