Victorian. And proud of it.

19 February 2017
Victorian. And proud of it.

Victoria has an enviable record of fostering a diverse, open and welcoming society – and the cultural and economic benefits that come with it.

We are proud of our efforts and accept that this comes with its challenges. To build a strong, fair society takes work.

Our response to these challenges is to find ways to have difficult discussions, to talk about our fears and concerns so we build mutual respect, acceptance and belonging for all.

The Victorian Government has released Victorian. And proud of it. – a policy that builds on our immigrant past and ensures a diverse, prosperous and dynamic future.

It details the positive social and economic impacts of diversity and multiculturalism and reminds us all of the need to better understand religions and cultures that may be unfamiliar.

At the heart of the policy is the Victorian Values Statement that allows us to talk about shared values, about what we expect of each other, our community, our state and ourselves – one law for all, freedom to be yourself, to never discriminate, to contribute and belong.

Regardless of where we were born, the language we first spoke or the faith we follow, we are all Victorian and as Victorians it’s up to all of us to trust and respect, to contribute and belong, to be Victorian – and proud of it.

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