LGBTIQ Taskforce meeting 4 outcomes

Minutes for LGBTIQ Taskforce meeting 4, held on 12 July 2016.

At its fourth meeting, held on 12 July 2016, the Taskforce discussed several initiatives:

  • the LGBTIQ Community Grants Program, designed to support the development of organisations and individuals working for the wellbeing of Victoria’s LGBTIQ communities
  • development of a fact sheet, containing a list of Government-endorsed facts and arguments in support of LGBTIQ issues
  • the AFL Pride Game between St Kilda and the Sydney Swans, to be held at Etihad Stadium on 13 August

The Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality provided an update on the Pride Centre. Jude Munro AO has agreed to chair the board, with other board members to be confirmed in due course.

Taskforce members discussed the proposed marriage equality plebiscite. Members welcomed the Victorian Government’s leadership on equality and discussed how LGBTIQ Victorians could best be supported during negative campaigning in the lead-up to a plebiscite. The Taskforce noted it may have a role to play in coordinating plebiscite-related activities.

Updates from working groups

The following projects from the Health and Human Services and Justice Working Groups were discussed: 

  • health service providers are now required to make a commitment to use the Rainbow eQuality Guide to develop inclusive practices
  • The Aboriginal Health, Safety and Wellbeing Plan would be informed by issues raised at the upcoming Brotherboys and Sistergirls retreat
  • work on redesigning and developing the trans and gender diverse service system is progressing
  • The Health and Human Services Working Group is advising on initiatives to build the capacity of community health services to respond more comprehensively to LGBTIQ care needs
  • amendments to the Relationships Act commenced on 1 July, providing for overseas same-sex marriages to be recognised as registered domestic relationships in Victoria

Minutes completed: July 2016

Reviewed 02 August 2019

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