LGBTIQ Taskforce meetings 7 and 8 outcomes

Minutes for LGBTIQ Taskforce meetings 7 and 8, held in March and June 2017.

This Communiqué relates to the seventh and eighth meetings of the LGBTIQ Taskforce.

At its seventh meeting on 15 March 2017, the Taskforce discussed the Community Forum held on 4 February 2017, and key areas of focus identified at the forum.

The Taskforce also received an update from the Department of Education and Training on the delivery  of the Safe Schools program, and discussed the progress and achievements of the Rural and Regional Roadshow.

The Taskforce’s eighth meeting on 15 June 2017 was its final meeting for this term. The Taskforce reflected on its achievements and considered priorities for the next term. The Taskforce also received an update on the process for appointing members for the next term, which will include the new appointment of a senior representative from the Department of Education and Training.

The Taskforce also discussed: 

  • progress on the Pride Centre, including community consultation scheduled for 1 July at Port Melbourne Town Hall (the Pride Centre’s St Kilda location was announced in March 2017)
  • implementation of the Family Violence Royal Commission Recommendations specific to people from LGBTIQ communities, noting that the 2017-18 budget invests an additional 
  • $5.28 million over four years to support people from LGBTIQ communities experiencing, or at risk of, family violence

Working group updates

Taskforce members welcomed and discussed the following projects from the Health and Human Services and Justice Working Groups:

  • ceremonies now offered by Births, Deaths and Marriages to recognise the registration of same-sex relationships under the Relationships Act 2008, available since 1 June 2017
  • commencement of a project to develop, pilot and evaluate tools and resources  that promote LGBTIQ inclusive and responsive practice in community health services
  • the revised Commissioner’s Requirements for the Management of prisoners who are Trans, Gender Diverse or Intersex, finalised in January 2017, which set out high level requirements in respect of operational matters in prisons
  • the forthcoming announcement, of the successful tenderer for a project to highlight preferred models for health services to provide better support trans and gender diverse Victorians. Work will commence on the project shortly

Minutes completed: June 2017

Reviewed 29 November 2019

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