LGBTI Taskforce meeting 9 outcomes

Minutes for LGBTIQ Taskforce meeting 9, held on 21 December 2017.

The LGBTIQ Taskforce was established in 2015 to provide advice to the Victorian Government on equality and inclusion for LGBTI communities. The Taskforce’s initial term spanned 2 years, ending in mid-2017. 

The second LGBTIQ Taskforce held its first meeting on 21 December 2017.

Leading trans and gender diverse advocate Brenda Appleton returned to co-chair the group alongside Martin Foley, Minister for Equality. Anna Brown, Jamie Gardiner and Ruth McNair were reappointed as Taskforce members for a second term.

Associate Professor Gregory Phillips, a leading Aboriginal health expert with experience in advocating for the queer indigenous community, and Aram Hosie, a renowned LGBTIQ advocate with expertise in transgender rights, community health and drug reform, joined the Taskforce, bringing the total number of LGBTIQ experts and advocates to 6.

The Justice working group has met for the first time, with the Health and Human Services working group to meet shortly. These groups will work collaboratively with the LGBTIQ Taskforce to deliver the Government’s equality agenda and work with key groups and stakeholders.

Key discussions at the LGBTIQ Taskforce meeting included the need to:

  • build on the momentum of the successful national marriage equality campaign, bringing all parts of the community along
  • develop a long-term strategy to embed LGBTIQ equality and inclusion within government services and the broader government agenda
  • better understand and address the needs of marginalised and less-visible communities including intersex and bisexual people
  • better communicate Victoria’s progress toward achieving equality outcomes, as well as better articulating the needs of the community through compelling stories
  • support and develop current and emerging LGBTIQ leaders
  • further consider economic inclusion for LGBTIQ Victorians, noting the connection between education, employment and health and wellbeing

Minutes completed: February 2018

Reviewed 02 August 2019

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