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One VPS is a whole-of-government initiative making it easier for the Victorian Public Service (VPS) to work together by:

  • driving a culture that encourages mobility, collaboration and innovation
  • strengthening the professional network within the VPS
  • creating a seamless, citizen-focussed public service that is not defined by any department or agency

The initiative builds on existing activities to unify government.

What will One VPS deliver?

One VPS has been approved to work on a range of projects, that will:

About One VPS

The One VPS team are working to make it easier to work across the VPS.

The team is made up of senior executives who have been sponsored from across the Victorian Public Service. Carolyn De Gois, former Deputy Secretary of Corporate Services at DHHS was appointed by the Victorian Secretaries’ Board (VSB) in February 2019 to lead the team.

The team embodies the One VPS vision. They are experts in their fields who have come together from different departments to bring together the One VPS program of work.

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Reviewed 15 October 2019

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