One VPS Roadmap approved

It's an exciting time! The One VPS Roadmap has been approved by the Victorian Secretaries Board (VSB). See what's next.

23/09/19 9.00am

It's an exciting time! The One VPS Roadmap has been approved by the Victorian Secretaries Board (VSB). 

Thanks for your support and contribution to our roadmap's development.

Are you ready for a seamless and resilient back office and a culture that encourages:

  • mobility
  • collaboration
  • innovation

Keep reading to get more insights about our planned work and see how you can get involved.

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How One VPS will help drive mobility in the VPS

Mobility is about making it easier to move between departments and agencies, whether it's for short-term projects and secondments or more permanent moves to another department.

Feedback from One VPS focus groups and surveys has been loud and clear that mobility matters.

'Many in the VPS have experienced the delays of completing the same paperwork over and over again when moving between Departments, but we now have a great opportunity to streamline systems to make things easier,' says Carolyn De Gois, Special Advisor for One VPS.

There are many advantages to improving mobility and streamlining systems.

What will One VPS do?

One VPS has been approved to implement a range of projects that will improve mobility across the VPS. This includes:

  • Common systems: One VPS is working with departments on a common human capital management (HCM) system. 
  • Common processes: One VPS will work with departments to bring consistency to the HR policies and processes used across the VPS.
  • Supporting mobility projects: One VPS will be working with and supporting existing projects across the VPS that promote mobility, such as the Jobs and Skills Exchange.

Have your say on mobility in the VPS

Join the discussion and keep the feedback going on our One VPS Community page.

Have your say on mobility

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Improving collaboration and innovation

There are many opportunities for the VPS to work together to improve community outcomes. VSB has approved One VPS to work on a range of projects that will further help us build innovation and collaboration.

  • Procurement reform: Procurement is one of the most common activities across the public service and there are some great opportunities for the VPS to work together to innovate this important part of our work. One VPS is exploring opportunities with the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) to strengthen procurement expertise and administration right across government, reducing cost, time and delivering even better value from the use of public funds. 
  • Creating a Grants Hub for Victorian Government: One VPS is exploring how a model by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) to centralise grants administration and evaluation can be extended to service grants needs across government. 
  • Accelerating technology projects: One VPS will be working with other areas of government to support projects such as the single email address and the roll-out of Office 365 – which will all support better collaboration, innovation and mobility across the VPS.

We will update you on each of these projects in upcoming newsletters, and let you know about engagement and consultation activities.

Reviewed 11 October 2019

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