Our services - Supporting the Victorian government to innovate

We help Victorian government staff to build new skills, attitudes and perspectives using innovation methods and tools.

We want to make it easier for public servants to try something new and make a real difference. 

Specialist advice 

Our team includes experts in:

  • behavioural insights
  • new ways of working

Behavioural insights help us understand how people make decisions. Our specialists collaborate across the public sector, delivering projects, trials and interventions. Read more about the work of the Behavioural Insights Unit.

Our Agile Delivery Office (ADO) team specialise in new ways of working. The team is trialing the use of Agile methods in government. Based on these trials, they're sharing their insights and lessons learned with others. Email if you'd like to learn more.

Innovation Network 

The Innovation Network connects government colleagues. It provides an opportunity to share and learn about innovative work underway.

Our website offers free training, news, toolkits, stories and case studies. We also provide an accessible space for cross-government collaboration and communities of practice.

The Innovation Network is only open to Victorian public servants.

Formal workshops and training 

All our training builds practical skills to help public servants work more effectively or efficiently.

Our Innovation Network runs a calendar of free training and workshops for public servants. Our focus is on innovation skill building. This includes topics like problem solving, visual thinking, Agile methods and many more.

We also provide behavioural insights training. This can range from 'how to run a randomised controlled trial' to 'how to use behavioural insights to improve your professional life'.

We piloted the States of Change innovation learning program in 2018. We supported the 10 Victorian teams who participated in the program that was delivered by Nesta. The learning program helped our teams to adopt innovation mindsets and habits

Innovative solutions 

The Public Sector Innovation Fund is our grants program. We use it to find more effective solutions to complex challenges in Victoria.

We support small-scale collaborative projects that test new approaches. The Fund is open to any organisation working with or within the Victorian public sector.

Projects that have received funding include:

Thought leadership 

Our thought leadership series helps public servants to learn from global innovators. We connect public servants with the best and brightest new insights and ways of working.

Thought leaders discuss global trends, new research and interesting real-life examples of innovation.

It's important to learn about the practical application of innovation around the world.

Our thought leaders have included:

  • Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta
  • Dominic Campbell, Founder and CEO of FutureGov
  • Joeri van den Steenhoven, Co-founder and CEO of Kennisland
  • Juan Felipe López, founding Executive Director of Laboratorio de Gobierno
  • Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer from the University of Technology in Sydney

Reviewed 07 May 2019

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