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Outsource content development to industry partners

You can outsource digital content in the same way you would outsource a PDF to a designer. We provide access to Vic Gov CMS to industry partners for this purpose.

It remains the responsibility of the department or agency distributing the information to comply with legislative requirements relating to privacy and accessibility.

To enable industry partners to create and edit content on we require the following information:

  • Full name and contact details of the Victorian public servant managing the contract.
  • Names and email addresses of the individuals requiring access to develop content inside the CMS.
  • The date that the accounts will be closed.
  • A brief scope of work that includes the sites and page URLs that will be worked on.
  • The details of an existing Vic Gov CMS user who will act as point of contact and be assigned ongoing content ownership for the pages developed.

To authorise access:

  1. Go to the Digital Victoria Help CentreExternal Link .
  2. Search for the Authorise access for industry partners request form.
  3. Fill in the form and press Send.

When outsourcing content development, it’s important that you (or someone in your team) understand content editor tasks and responsibilities.

Reviewed 31 January 2023

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