Pick My Project

Victoria’s first state-wide participatory budgeting community grants initiative. It piloted a new way for community grants to be delivered in Victoria.


Pick My Project is an online initiative delivered by the Victorian government.

In 2018, Victorians across the state, were asked to submit ideas for improving their local communities, and then to vote for their favourite three ideas.

All ideas and votes were received through a purpose-built website. The number of votes received decided which ideas were successful.

The $30 million fund was divided into 16 funding pools across the state.

These pools were based on pre-existing regions called ‘partnership areas’. Each pool was allocated at least $1 million. Additional money was allocated based on the population of each region.

To ensure regional equity, funds were split 50/50 between Regional and Metropolitan Victoria.

In total 237 ideas were successful. The community response to Pick My Project exceeded all expectations. Delivering a state-wide community grants process grounded in engagement, community development and relationship building.

What is participatory budgeting?

Participatory budgeting relates to a process where citizens participate in the decisions about how government money is allocated or spent.

Participatory budgeting processes have three important characteristics:

1. Accessible

The process enables a variety of citizens to be a part of the decision-making process and should focus on both equity and equality.

2. Democratic

The process must be open to participant feedback, and participation must have a direct impact on the outcome.

3. Transparent

The process and its outcomes must be available for participants to see, understand and scrutinise.

Project outcomes

Pick My Project brought to life a wide range of projects from community events/festivals to playground upgrades, walking/cycling trails and public art displays.

According to 205 of the completed projects, 96% believe they’ve made their community an even better place to live. Fostering local community connections has been a key driver of this, as well as enabling healthy and active lifestyles.

A wide cross-section of people over Victoria benefited from projects. Community organisations, many of whom were project partner organisations, benefited greatly as did children and women, and vulnerable groups.

Victorian communities are expecting lasting benefits to be felt from projects thanks to sustainable infrastructure and amenities, opportunities for healthier physical and mental wellbeing, and greater connections within the community.

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