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SDP platform enhancement request

Suggest new functionality or a new component for your SDP website.

Follow the steps below to request platform enhancement or suggest an update to an existing feature on SDP.

  1. Review the SDP components guide to see if there are components that already suit your needs.
  2. Review the SDP roadmap to see if your need will be addressed by one of our upcoming initiatives. This lists new components and improvements scheduled for development.
  3. If your customer need is not being met by an existing SDP component and is not addressed in the product roadmap, fill out our platform enhancement request form. Requests must include research and/or customer feedback to support the need for the enhancement and detailed information on the current problem. Note that due to the high volume of requests, not all submissions can be approved for development.

Platform enhancement form

You will need an active Jira account to complete this form. Follow this link to create a Jira accountExternal Link .

What happens next

Your request will be reviewed against existing priorities and overall customer value.

The SDP team takes a build-once, build-for-all approach. We consider each request based on demand and user need across the entire SDP platform.

A member of the SDP team will review the request and update Jira the with further information. You'll receive an email notification and can continue communicating about the request in the ticket.

Reviewed 14 November 2022

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