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PLSA Statement of Expectations 2020-22

Mr Joseph Yeung
Chief Executive Officer and Registrar
Portable Long Service Authority

By email:

Dear Mr Yeung


I am pleased to provide you with this Statement of Expectations (SOE) for the Portable

Long Service Authority (PLSA). This SOE applies for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022, or until otherwise amended.

Improving the administration and enforcement of regulation

This SOE sets out my expectations of PLSA’s contribution to the Government’s program to reduce red tape affecting businesses, not-for-profit organisations, government service providers and households by promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and enforcement of regulation. It also outlines my expectations on broader improvements for PLSA’s performance.

As Minister for Industrial Relations, I am responsible for administering the Long Service Benefits Portability Act 2018 (Vic) and the associated regulations that affect businesses and the broader Victorian community. This SOE should be read within the context of the objectives, obligations and functions outlined in this Act as amended.

This SOE outlines key governance and performance objectives and targets aimed at improving the administration and enforcement of regulation and thus reducing its cost impact on business and the community.

Improvements and targets

Based on consultation between Industrial Relations Victoria within the Department of Premier and Cabinet and PLSA, I have identified key elements of governance and operational performance where there are opportunities for PLSA to make improvements that would reduce cost impacts on business. PLSA is expected to identify activities it will undertake to achieve the following performance improvements and targets:


I expect PLSA to continue to explore ways to ensure processes are timely, efficient and effective through:

  • ensuring forms are completed, simple and accessible
  • being transparent on the timing of regulatory processes
  • accounting for information requests on a timely basis
  • simplifying systems to enable businesses to submit online data and check on the status of applications

Risk-based strategies

I expect PLSA to employ risk-based approaches to regulatory operations including:

  • measuring and evaluating outcomes based on data
  • bringing risk maturity to PLSA’s risk assessment
  • requesting data from relevant third or related parties taking into consideration PLSA’s risk appetite
  • adopting better practice risk-based approaches to compliance and enforcement

I expect PLSA to provide easy to understand, effective and accessible compliance information through:

  • ensuring advice is accessible, user friendly, accurate and comprehensive
  • ensuring advice is timely, regularly reviewed and updated
  • monitoring stakeholder awareness and understanding of compliance processes
  • ensuring administration and enforcement is accompanied by relevant advice
  • providing clarity about the status and objectives of compliance-related advice

Accountability and transparency

I expect PLSA to be accountable and transparent in its operations through:

  • transparency of approaches to administering and enforcing regulations
  • collecting and publishing data to measure operational performance
  • ensuring that Government priorities are addressed as part of PLSA’s performance reporting

Clear and consistent regulatory activities

I expect PLSA to ensure that regulatory activities are clear and consistent through:

  • demonstrating that all information is collected for clear purpose
  • demonstrating empathy to stakeholders and responsiveness to lessons learned
  • undertaking appropriate forward planning and demonstrating an appropriate understanding of future resourcing needs

In developing actions to achieve these improvements and targets, PLSA is expected to consult with the Red Tape Commissioner, business and the broader community as appropriate.


Reporting on your progress to achieve these SOE performance targets should be undertaken in the context of annual financial reporting to avoid dual reporting streams.

As part of annual reporting, regulators are expected to report on:

  • current baseline levels for performance targets set in this SOE
  • activities to be undertaken to reach the performance targets and improvements set out in this SOE

I also expect these SOE performance targets will be incorporated into PLSA’s Corporate Plan, and this SOE should be published on PLSA’s website upon receipt.

I expect that within one month of receipt of this letter, PLSA will respond to this SOE, outlining how it intends to achieve the performance improvements and targets set in this SOE. This response should include details of the specific activities that will be undertaken by PLSA.

I look forward to seeing PLSA continuously working towards achieving best practice in the administration and enforcement of regulation.

Yours sincerely

Tim Pallas MP
Minister for Industrial Relations
Date 07 / 07 / 2020

Reviewed 17 July 2020

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