Operating environment

Over of the operating environment and achievements of the Portable Long Service Authority.

Under the Long Service Portability Act 2018 (Vic) (the Act), the Authority administers and operates the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme for employers and eligible workers in Victoria’s community services, contract cleaning and security industries.

From 1 July 2019, businesses employing workers in these industries must register with the Authority on our online registration system. The Authority will liaise with employers to support them to understand their obligations under the Act and how the levy that employers must pay for their eligible workers will be applied. Each quarter, commencing in October 2019, registered businesses will be required to lodge a quarterly return to the Authority that details relevant worker information and pay a levy which will be invested by the Authority with the objective of meeting future long service payments to eligible workers.

The Scheme allows eligible workers to accrue long service leave, even if they change employers but remain in the same industry. Registered workers will be able to access the Authority’s online system and check their balances or update details at any time. When workers become entitled, usually after at least 7 years of service, they can apply for payment of their long service benefit.

The Authority has a Governing Board that reports to the Minister for Industrial Relations.

In accordance with the Act, the Governing Board will:

  • set the levy to be paid by employers and contract workers
  • be responsible for the governance, strategic planning and risk management of the Authority
  • advise the Minister on agreements for corresponding schemes across Australia 
  • perform functions and exercise the powers of the Authority that it deems appropriate

The Chief Executive Officer / Registrar, who is a member of the Governing Board, is responsible for the administration of the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Authority.

An Audit and Risk Committee will also provide support and assurance, as well as advice to the Governing Board.


Key achievements of the Authority since the commencement of operations include the setting of the employer levy by the Governing Board for each of the community services, contract cleaning and security industries.

The Authority has also put in place effective systems and processes to support its core operations with key policies and procedures to enable good governance and strong controls. The Authority is communicating effectively with its stakeholders to ensure that information is available for those affected by the new Scheme.

The Victorian Government chose Bendigo as the location of the Authority as part of its commitment to invest in regional Victoria. The Authority has supported this initiative and grown jobs in the region by recruiting from the talented pool of staff and using suppliers that are available from the local area where possible.

The Authority now has a dedicated and talented workforce comprising of well-trained customer service operators based in our Bendigo offices, each of whom is eager to play their part in supporting this important initiative.

Reviewed 18 February 2020

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