Performance Measures

An overview of the way the Portable Long Service Authority's performance will be measured.

We recognise that all eligible employers and workers have obligations under the Act from 1 July 2019. Our goal is to ensure that all of those who must register do register with the Authority.

Key performance measures 2019-20 are:

Performance measures 2019-20 target
The number of workers registered under
the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme
The number of employers registered under
the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme

At an operational level, the Authority has developed a set of initiatives, activities and other supporting key performance measures that will monitor the progress of key activities within the Authority. These are in the Appendix. In the setting of these initial targets, the Authority has also considered the risks to the achievement of these objectives. This process is iterative and will continue to be refined during the first year of the Authority’s operations.

Reviewed 18 February 2020

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