Structure and key relationships

Overview of the structure and key relationships of the Portable Long Service Authority.

Governing Board and Chief Executive Officer/Registrar

The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority has a Governing Board comprising a mix of expert skills, qualifications and experience including individuals from organisations who represent employers and workers in the three covered industries.

Our Governing Board members are:

  • Mr Julius Roe, Chair
  • Ms Claire Filson, Deputy Chair
  • Ms Emma King
  • Ms Kate Marshall
  • Mr Tim Piper
  • Ms Rachaell Saunders
  • Ms Julie Warren
  • Ms Linda White
  • Mr Joseph Yeung, CEO and Registrar

Governance structure

  • Role Member
    Minister for Industrial Relations Tim Pallas


  • Role Member
    Governing Board Chair Julius Roe
    Governing Board Deputy Chair Claire Filson
    Victorian Council of Social Services Emma King
    Health Services Union Kate Marshall
    Australian Industry Group Tim Piper
    National Protective Services Rachaell Saunders
    National Union of Workers Julie Warren
    Australian Services Union Linda White


  • Role Member
    Chief Executive Officer Joseph Yeung
    Chief Financial Officer Peter Leersen


A flowchart of the Authority's governance structure can be found below. 

Business units within the Authority

PLSA icon executive governance secretariat
The Executive, Governance, Legal and Secretariat Business Unit is responsible for establishing good governance, delivering sound legal advice to the Authority as well as facilitating the efficient and effective running of the Governing Board and Audit and Risk Committee.
PLSA icon financial services
The Financial Services Business Unit underpins our organisation’s operations and the Chief Financial Officer who leads the Financial Services Business Unit has specific responsibilities under the Financial Management Act 1994 (Vic).
PLSA icon client services
The Client Service and Operations Business Unit is the largest business unit within the Authority and delivers our core Registry and Enforcement functions to the public.
PLSA icon facilities and technology
The Facilities, Information and Technology Business Unit underpins our core operations and manages key vendors which support our network infrastructure and telephony systems.
PLSA icon people and culture

Our people are our greatest asset. Without our people, we have no capability to fulfil our statutory obligations under the Act.

The People and Culture Business Unit supports the growth and development of our people and culture.

PLSA icon communications engagement

As a new scheme in Victoria, it is vital that we communicate and engage with employers and eligible workers across the covered sectors. It is equally important that as a regulator, we assist eligible employers and workers to understand their obligations under the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme.

The Communications and Engagement Business Unit has responsibilities to deliver these core functions.

Key stakeholders

The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority is accountable to the Minister for Industrial Relations.

Industrial Relations Victoria (IRV) in the Department of Premier and Cabinet is responsible for project management to establish the initial aspects of the Portable Long Service Benefits Authority. This work is being carried out progressively with the Authority. IRV will also be the departmental contact for ongoing relations with the Authority and the Governing Board.

The Portable Long Service Benefits Industry Working Group is a representative and advisory group and includes members from relevant government departments, unions, peak bodies and advocacy groups. It was set up specifically to shape and provide input into the legislation. This Industry Working Group is managed by the Department of Health and Human Services and provides industry links and helps to build support and participation within the community services sector,
contract cleaning and security industries. IRV, Department of Treasury and Finance and Department of Education and Training participate.

Eligible workers and employers in the community services sector, contract cleaning and security industries are key stakeholders as it is vital that they understand their rights and obligations under the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme. Other related key stakeholders include relevant unions and employer organisations.

The Authority liaises closely with the other agencies responsible for overseeing the integrity of Victoria’s industrial relations policy and initiatives:

  • the Wage inspectorate Victoria, operating as part of Industrial Relations Victoria, carries out a range of education, compliance, and enforcement functions relating to Victoria’s industrial laws, including child employment laws
  • the Labour Hire Authority, which is an independent body that regulates the new business licensing system for the provision of labour hire services to protect vulnerable labour hire workers from exploitation

The Authority has also developed close working relationships with its counterpart authorities in other Australian jurisdictions such as the Long Service Leave Authority established under the Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Act 2009 (ACT), a Scheme similar to Victoria’s Scheme operating in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Authority continues to build, strengthen and further develop relationships with stakeholders who are affected or have an interest in the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme.

Reviewed 20 February 2020

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