Precincts and suburbs

Melbourne’s precincts are vital to the economic strength of the State, driving innovation improvements that benefit all Victorians.

A precincts approach means partnering with state and local government, community, industry and institutions to unlock the full potential of a place. This place-based approach is globally recognised as best practice in driving economic development.

The department aims to build both private and public investment in these precincts to support liveable, vibrant and prosperous communities.

Business precincts have been identified to accommodate major population growth, develop economic activity and maximise the value of government investments for the community. This involves a joint approach to investment attraction, development, housing, transport and land-use planning. This ensures these places are distinctive, innovative and support Victoria’s economy now and into the future.

Melbourne’s suburbs play an important role in the lives of more than three quarters of Victorians. That’s why we’re working to make the suburbs great places to live, learn, work and spend time.

Suburban Development is about working with communities, businesses and governments across metropolitan Melbourne. We coordinate across relevant projects, departments and agencies, to add value and complement work already underway, remove duplication, address gaps and achieve positive outcomes for local communities.

A key challenge in our future is ensuring that suburbs have a voice in decision-making, and the infrastructure and services that they need for a liveable and sustainable future.


Strategies and initiatives

Business Precincts

Business Precincts represent areas across Melbourne that have significant potential for job and population growth and distinctive, liveable and sustainable urban areas. They are already home to major businesses, existing state infrastructure projects, investment and strategic government land holdings. The Business Precincts are Fishermans Bend, Docklands, Footscray and Parkville (including the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct).

The objective of Business Precincts is to enable integrated outcomes for business and the community, and to create public and economic value. The department drives strategic development of these precincts.

Melbourne Biomedical Precinct Strategic Plan

This focuses on driving better patient outcomes and economic and jobs growth for Victoria. This will be done through commercialisation of research, ensuring the best facilities, infrastructure and data are in place. This will be supported by having highly experienced people to deliver care and train future generations of biomedical professionals.

Metropolitan Partnerships

Metropolitan Partnerships Focused at a regional level, the six Metropolitan Partnerships bring together experts and leaders from all levels of government, business and the community to work together and respond to local priorities and opportunities. Their insights help government to understand the specific needs of their local communities. More information is available Metropolitan Partnerships web page(opens in a new window)

Suburban Revitalisation

Focusing on specific suburbs, Suburban Revitalisation Boards identify and drive renewal and improvement projects. In collaboration with local stakeholders, these projects seek to improve public spaces, upgrade infrastructure and services, and ultimately support the economic and social well-being of local communities. More information is available on the Suburban Development website(opens in a new window).

Visit the Office for Suburban Development website(opens in a new window) for further information on these and other initiatives we deliver, including community grants and engagement opportunities.

Fishermans Bend Development Board

The Fishermans Bend Development Board(opens in a new window) guides the planning and development of this landmark project for Melbourne.

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