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Find out how to prepare for camp and talk to parents and students about what to expect.

Your camp provider will send all the information you need once you have made a booking and work closely with you to plan your experience.

Checklist of planning documentation

For a list of planning and approval documents, see our Excursions resourcesExternal Link . A good starting point is the Excursions and Camps Planning Checklist (DOCX, 44KB)External Link

Discuss camp with students and parents

School camp experiences are a wonderful opportunity for students to build independence and push their boundaries in a new and exciting environment. However, some students can be anxious about going to camp.

Help give students a sense of purpose by talking about why you are going on camp and the skills they will gain. Spend time discussing camp with students to help reduce worries before the big day. Begin by asking how they are feeling. Nervous? Excited? Do they have concerns over particular activities? This gives you an opening to discuss any misconceptions.

To engage students and alleviate anxiety:

  • Expose students to the camp beforehand by visiting the website and viewing the images and activities.
  • Discuss the camp schedule and what to expect day-to-day. This builds a sense of excitement as students begin to discuss the activities they will participate in.
  • When sending information home to parents, tell students what you are sending home and why.
  • Go through the packing list and answer any questions.

Reviewed 16 March 2022

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