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Information about remuneration for executive officers in the Victorian public sector

Responsibility for the Public Entity Executive Remuneration (PEER) Policy has transferred to the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal. Guidance material and the online submission form on this website will be updated for this change.

Enquiries about the PEER Policy can also be sent to

The Office of Public Sector Executive Remuneration (OPSER) supports better decision making about public sector executive remuneration.

OPSER oversees the Victorian Government's Public Entity Executive Remuneration Policy (policy). The policy replaces the former Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel (GSERP) Policy, administered by the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC).

Victorian Government Public Entity Executive Remuneration  Policy

The Victorian Government Public Entity Executive Remuneration Policy details the Victorian Government’s approach to executive remuneration in specified public entities, and the role of OPSER in administering the policy.

The policy requires specified public entities to make a submission to OPSER for the approval of executive remuneration in certain circumstances. 

Guide to making a submission

This guide helps specified public entities and their portfolio department comply with the Victorian Government Public Entity Executive Remuneration Policy.

Make a submission - form

Once the board has gathered all of the information necessary, the chair (or chair's representative) should make a submission below.

Make a submission

Help with your submission

If you need help with your submission please email

Other queries about executive employment

Questions about specific roles or contractual conditions in public entities should be directed to each board’s portfolio department in the first instance.

General enquiries about non-remuneration related executive employment matters should be directed to the VPSC These include:

  • salary packaging

  • requests for the Victorian Public Service Executive Employment Handbook or

  • the template public entity executive contract

Executive vehicles

Enquiries about the executive vehicle scheme can be directed to the Department of Treasury and Finance, through VicFleet

Victorian Public Service Executive Officers

Victorian Public Service (VPS) executives are employed under Part 3, Division 5 of the Public Administration Act 2004.

Reviewed 07 August 2019

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