Behavioural insights


Putting real people at the centre of our policies and services

Behavioural insights recognises that how decisions are presented affects our choices, that our decision-making is influenced by what others are doing, and that despite our best intentions we don’t always follow through with what we intend to do. It is based on research from disciplines including psychology, human-centred design and behavioural economics.

Rather than expecting people to design their lives around government, behavioural insights considers how people actually behave, putting Victorians at the centre of policies and services.

We know that good public policy should be driven by evidence and motivated by positive outcomes that demonstrate value to the community. The Victorian Government's application of behavioural insights considers real people and their witnessed behaviour, and the result is a more citizen-centric government.

Victoria’s Behavioural Insights Unit works with government departments and agencies to explore policy and service design problems from a behavioural perspective, using evidence to inform changes and developments.

Education and training workshops are available to equip Victorian Public Sector (VPS) staff with the skills to apply behavioural insights to their work. Training and development is free and open to all members of the VPS.

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Behavioural Insights in Policy and Practice

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The Victorian Behavioural Insights Unit

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