Behavioural insights


VicRoads - Testing Smith Street tram signage


Trams carry around 70% of people using Smith Street during the morning peak. To ensure a steady flow of trams, VicRoads has created a "part-time tram lane" – A section of tram line that cars are not allowed to occupy for more than 50 meters during peak period. However, drivers often disobey the limits around part-time tram lanes, creating congestion along Queens Parade and blocking trams from entering the tram lane.


VicRoads is rolling out a trial of improved signage around Smith Street to improve compliance with the part-time tram lane rules. This includes improved signage and removing on-street parking around bottlenecks.

Behavioural insight

The project has incorporated a behavioural insights approach to measure the success of this trial with traffic studies three and six months after the new signs and road markings have been installed. VicRoads will compare this data to earlier studies to determine if the trial has been successful in raising awareness of the part-time tram lane, and has led to an increase in driver compliance with the part-time tram lane road rules.


VicRoads has reported that the part-time tram lane has shortened the commute to work by an average of 42 seconds per tram journey every morning. VicRoads has also found that the 86 has become 24% more reliable. VicRoads is now considering rolling out part-time tram lanes to other public transport bottlenecks.