Get involved


Get your best ideas when sharing and learning with others? Want to meet more people interested in innovating across the public sector?

These actions from the strategy are here to help you get started:

Connect with the innovation network (VPSCIIN)

The Victorian Public Service Continuous Improvement and Innovation Network (VPSCIIN) runs a calendar of free events, programs and seminars that focus on skill building. It's also a great way to meet others in the public sector, who are passionate about making a difference.

Sign up to join the VPSCIIN community or attend an event or program.

Tell us your innovation story

Are you already doing something that’s making waves or is simply a better way of working?

Demonstrating what we mean by practical innovation is a great way to inspire others to improve the way we work Your story could help others and we’d love to promote how you’ve changed things to improve people’s lives!

Please get in touch with us as we’d love to share your story.

Sign up for a coffee

Want to connect with others across government who joined to make a difference? Do you want to better understand the breadth of what government does, and build more relationships across the public sector? We’re setting a program to connect people across the public sector for a coffee and a chat. We want to give you a chance to talk with others who you may not usually get to meet, and to share different perspectives.

Sign up here to meet like-minded others in the public sector.

Provide your case study

Much of what we do and the challenges we face are common across the public sector. So are the solutions. To complement our stories of innovation, we want to create a cross-government innovation bank. A resource for all of us to access the nitty-gritty: practical case studies, tools, templates and contacts.

Please get in touch with us if you have a great case study, tool or template to share.

We are taking more actions to make it easier to improve the way we work. Watch this space for updates - and see the full list of strategy actions here.