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A central place for Victorians to get the information they need.

17/10/19 9.00am

The new website is the central place for Victorians to get the information they need. It's a great example of whole of government thinking that is putting Victorians first.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of Victorians

'There’s no doubt that delivering large new websites costs a lot of time and money. But the website provides many benefits, including reaching hundreds of thousands of users each month.'

Senior Manager and Product Lead, Megan Vassarotti explains how using the Victorian Government website can also help meet business needs.

Best practice and low cost

'It delivers a low-cost, best practice option for each Department, allowing budget to be spent on innovation, content or improving user experience.

Benefits include:

  • a common, flexible platform with speed to market
  • established audience, traffic and analytics
  • higher Google rankings due to search engine optimization, flat structure and top-level domain
  • a central digital team to help with ongoing maintenance and content administration

Benefits for VPS staff

By using this platform we will be able to:

  • reach a wider audience
  • create responsive and accessible content to meet user needs
  • reduce cost of administration overheads

Here are just some examples of new whole-of-Victorian-Government website content:

To discuss how this platform could meet your needs, contact:

Reviewed 11 December 2019

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