Quarterly returns

A step-by-step guide for employers, explaining how to submit quarterly returns through the employer portal.

All registered employers must lodge a quarterly return to the Portable Long Service Authority every 3 months, in October, January, April and July.

Quarterly returns are completed through the employer portal. Employers can also update their details, view invoices and pay their levy through the portal.

To complete your quarterly return, you will need details for all eligible workers who worked for your business during the period, including:

  • the hours they worked
  • the ordinary pay they received
  • any long service leave they took under another arrangement

You will also need to provide details of any eligible workers who stopped working for the business during the period.

Employers are responsible for registering their eligible workers for the scheme. This is done through the first quarterly return. Any workers joining the business after that period will be registered through subsequent returns. 

Once you have completed your quarterly return, an invoice will be raised for your employer levy based on the details that you have provided.

The employer levy represents a small percentage of workers’ ordinary pay for each quarter.

The levy is due within 14 days and can be paid by BPay or EFT. In some cases we may need to verify information in your return before the invoice is generated. 

How to lodge a quarterly return online

The videos below show employers how to submit a quarterly return through the online portal, with instructions for adding workers manually, or by uploading details for multiple works using a specialised Excel spreadsheet template.

Submitting a quarterly return - manually adding workers

Submitting a quarterly return - bulk adding workers

Submitting your second quarterly return by manually entering information

Submitting your second quarterly return using the import/export feature

Common quarterly return questions

Reviewed 13 March 2020

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