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Release 1.33.0

Release notes for Release 1.33.0


Date of release: Wednesday 28 April 2021

The major focus for release 1.33.0 is to deliver the following:

  • developed a new component ‘Data tables’ that is responsive
  • changes made to the CMS to prevent editors from editing the same page at the same time


Data table component

Developed a new component ‘Data tables’ to enabled editors to build tables that can support different table format displays on mobiles devices. The complete supports both row-oriented and column-oriented tables.

User guide instructions: Use the data table component

Page lock: Only one user editing a page at a time

Editors will not be able to edit a content page at the same time another editor is editing a page. The page will be locked and will prevent the editor from making edits at the same time.

User guide instructions: Editing an existing page

Reviewed 16 June 2022

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