Family of four moving into house carrying boxes


An important part of making a rental house a home is feeling safe, being able to hang pictures, have modern communications technology and safely install furniture.

A tenant will still require the landlord’s written consent to install fixtures or modify the property, however a landlord will not be able to unreasonably refuse consent to certain types of modifications.


Tenants can make minor modifications

The landlord may require the tenant to use a suitably qualified person to make the modification. A suitably qualified person would include someone who is licensed or otherwise has the relevant expertise to carry out the modification.

In the case of disability-related modifications, assessment to determine the need for home modifications would be conducted by accredited occupational therapists, or other allied health practitioner as appropriate. Where appropriate, tenants could rely on an existing assessment.

The reforms require amendments to Residential Tenancies Act 1997. The process to amend the RTA is underway.